Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cause at the End of the Day

There are certain phrases that really bother me. I don't get where these explanatory phrases come from or who started it, but hearing the following punch lines makes me want to scream:

1. Cause at the End of the Day....- that's been an all time hood favorite for the past 3 years
2. What had happened was....- Why? Why put the had in it. The had is unncessary. It doesn't drive the point through, it's just an extra word
3. Well, it is what it is....- What? That's stupid and come up with something better to say. That's the worst come back when hearing bad news.
4. Last but not least...- Ladies, lets just stop using this one to drive the point home, because we never really finalize the argument

Ya dig what I'm saying, specialer, it's goin down, worser.....

1 Vain Comments:

AB said...

how about, "On e'rythang I love" or "Me, personally in my opinion" - ummmm isn't your opinion personal? Why do you have to say "me personally in my opinion?"