Monday, October 19, 2009

Common & The Roots - 4106

Common & The Roots - 4106, originally uploaded by fave :).

Elizabeth the Band - 13

Elizabeth the Band - 13, originally uploaded by fave :).

here it is!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Can we talk for a minute?

Anyone ever notice how the girl in the Tevin Campbell "Can We Talk" video looks more masculine then he does? And I love how he tried to act like he knows how to play football! OH Tevin, you're too cute...

Live. Laugh. Love.

- A. Onesauce

Friday, June 13, 2008


Just because this is ridiculous, I'm just gonna keep it real, so excuse me from using horrible grammar, but this is some real nigga shit that just happened.
R. Kelly must be the luckiest black man alive right now. He actually knows how it feels to be in the hot seat and get away with it....on some real OJ and Michael Jackson shit.

We all know it was him, so I will refrain from rehashing the entire sex video debacle he got himself into.
My only question is, if it wasn't R. Kelly (hypothetically speaking), then who the fuck was it? I know for a fact it was him tossin' the one chicks salad like a greedy fat dude at the Sizzler in one of the videos, but really, who was it.....and where is Sparkle? 
Maybe this was a myth, but was the supposed victim not Sparkle's relative and the man who resembled R. Kelly in the video was his brother?
I'm a need Oprah, Geraldo, or Tavis to do some real investigations. 
I'm not gonna front....I was one of this nigga's who rooted for OJ's ass (well really Johnny Cochran), and I even felt bad for Michael, but R. Kelly was it for me.
I'm done with "ARRA"!
Still bumping those classic remixes though!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lookin Ass Nigga

I can't say too much:

Ooompa Looompa Doopity Dooo Lookin Ass N*gga!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Words To Grow On: Clopping Corduroys

What happened to the raw, keep your clothes on, sensual eruption (in your pants), dirty DRY HUMPING? Do the youth under 16 do that anymore?

I won't get into detail about my past teenage escapades, but I will say, dry humping was not so least for me it wasn't. I'm sure blue balls weren't that comfortable for my boyfriends, but hey, I didn't have balls and that was their problem.
Young boys have always been manish, no doubt, but it's up to the young girls to stand up and say "hey, that's your problem, I just wanna dry hump".
By the way, as a young girl (under age 14), where is the libido coming from? Are you having sex because it feels good, or are you doing it because of the peer pressure? The 14 year olds on Maury seem to love sex...but my question is how and why?

I told my 14 year old cousin that whether a guy really likes you or not....he's going to want to have sex with you....period. Why be the ItSexGirl at school? It's not cute and you will feel shame and inadequate, because he will try to do it with someone else eventually. So just wait!

Obviously, society has gotten bored, jaded, and uninspired. With BET, VH1, and MTV, there is no reason why we shouldn't have teen pregnancies. So I really just answered my own damn question. The roles have reversed. The parents want to be their kid's best friends and the kids are grown. It sucks and it makes my stomach be easy...little sleazies!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let me smell yo....

Are women now a days this insecure? We're writing songs about this now? Damn Yvette & Jody!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cause at the End of the Day

There are certain phrases that really bother me. I don't get where these explanatory phrases come from or who started it, but hearing the following punch lines makes me want to scream:

1. Cause at the End of the Day....- that's been an all time hood favorite for the past 3 years
2. What had happened was....- Why? Why put the had in it. The had is unncessary. It doesn't drive the point through, it's just an extra word
3. Well, it is what it is....- What? That's stupid and come up with something better to say. That's the worst come back when hearing bad news.
4. Last but not least...- Ladies, lets just stop using this one to drive the point home, because we never really finalize the argument

Ya dig what I'm saying, specialer, it's goin down, worser.....