Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Words To Grow On: Clopping Corduroys

What happened to the raw, keep your clothes on, sensual eruption (in your pants), dirty DRY HUMPING? Do the youth under 16 do that anymore?

I won't get into detail about my past teenage escapades, but I will say, dry humping was not so least for me it wasn't. I'm sure blue balls weren't that comfortable for my boyfriends, but hey, I didn't have balls and that was their problem.
Young boys have always been manish, no doubt, but it's up to the young girls to stand up and say "hey, that's your problem, I just wanna dry hump".
By the way, as a young girl (under age 14), where is the libido coming from? Are you having sex because it feels good, or are you doing it because of the peer pressure? The 14 year olds on Maury seem to love sex...but my question is how and why?

I told my 14 year old cousin that whether a guy really likes you or not....he's going to want to have sex with you....period. Why be the ItSexGirl at school? It's not cute and you will feel shame and inadequate, because he will try to do it with someone else eventually. So just wait!

Obviously, society has gotten bored, jaded, and uninspired. With BET, VH1, and MTV, there is no reason why we shouldn't have teen pregnancies. So I really just answered my own damn question. The roles have reversed. The parents want to be their kid's best friends and the kids are grown. It sucks and it makes my stomach be easy...little sleazies!

3 Vain Comments:

AB said...

LMAO! That is true, why the hell do these young kids like sex so much? It really cant be that good to them at freakin 14, I mean for me that was definitely at the dry humping stage and although it felt a little nice I didnt enjoy it then nearly as much as I enjoy it now (even tho im waaaay past the dry humping stage - but u get my drift), I pretty much wasted my time back then. It's most definitely TV/movies that have them so excited abt "gettin' it" these days. Its really not that serious, u have to sneak and "do it" when ur young and then risk the possibility of being labeled as a big whore when EVERYBODY is gonna end up doing all those "nasty" things when they become adults. Kids, just wait. Sex doesn't go out of style!

valentine said...

Sex is Whack to me and I started "Late" according to todays standards. I am on Disney channel strike. Every time you turn around it some controversy with one of these Actors. The problem with the shows is that they don't grow up. They're in the same grade each damn year just more makeup and high heels. On the "Facts of life" we watched them grow up an go through real life situations. Disney channel and every other channels shows are not real life shit. Reality shows are not real life. I don't know anyone besides them that live the way they do. Eddie knows why I refuse to buy a television. My daughter doesn't but, oh well. Hopefully she'll thank me later.

Jo said...

Oh come on ladies & we were never there? I remember high school and "back then" the girls were like horny as hell. I remember there was a lot of Dry humping, but we all still wanted it. We just grew up and know better what we want and have a better clue where things might take us when it comes to sex than inexperienced teenagers. Teenagers and sex rules are like a sea on the streets...some of it is bound to fall through the cracks.

That said, I am much in favor of sexual education for our youth and parents and have the moral obligation to educate their children according to their values (whatever those might be).

Happy Dry Humping every one!